Fiction Services and Rates

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*Author One Sheet Critique and Edit – overall evaluation, line editing, copy-editing: $20

Using the industry standard of 250 words per page, the manuscript services and the rates I offer are as follows:

* Three Page Introductory Edit – substantive, line editing, copy-editing: free

* Manuscript Critique – overview of your picture book; chapter book; middle grade, young adult, or adult novel, especially focusing on the plot, character development, and writing style: $2 per page

* Fifty to One Hundred Page Critique – examination of scene development and general fiction techniques: $3 per page

* Manuscript Copy Editing – primarily spelling, grammar, word choice, sentence structure, paragraphing: $4 per page

* Substantive Edit – story and scene structure, plot development, character development, dialogue, and general fiction techniques: $5 per page

* Both Copy Editing and Substantive Edit – an edit that can bring a manuscript to the proofreader-ready stage: $7 per page

* Mentoring – fifty pages of substantive edit with the author making changes and resubmitting for a second or third edit. The focus is to help the writer master fiction techniques and scene structure which they can utilize for the rest of the manuscript: $6 per page on the first pass, $3 per page on the second, $1 per page each succeeding time

* Proofreading – careful reading of an edited document to spot typos or errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar: $2.50 per page

* Phone consultations – a discussion of your manuscript before or after the completion of the editing service for which I’ve been hired: $25.00 for each half hour or portion of a half hour.

Manuscript Formatting

For each of these manuscript services, please format your document in keeping with that which agents and editors require. Here are the basics:

  • 12 point Times New Roman font
  • Double spaced
  • No extra line between paragraphs
  • Margins set at one inch, for both sides and top/bottom
  • The beginning of each paragraph indented (a half inch)
  • A “slug” included in the header: Author last name / Title / Page number

Writers wishing any of these services should transmit their manuscript electronically using Microsoft Word.

You may contact me about any of these services by leaving a comment (moderation is on, so it will not be visible to others) or by emailing me at rluellam at yahoo dot com.


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