Past Projects And Endorsements


Picture Books
* Flash by Ryan Howard (this book has yet to be published)
* Sand Crab by Papa G (this book has yet to be published)
* Critique – Nana I Miss You by Jane Buttery (this book has yet to be published)

Middle Grade
* The Crystal Necklace Legacy by Elizabeth Van Tassel (this book has yet to be published)

    * Angela’s Answer by Pat Matuszak (AMG Publishers)
      * Books by Papa G

* Pedro The Ugliest Dog In The World (CreateSpace)

* Fing: A Modern Fairytale
(Amazon Digital Services)

Evil Pond cover* The Evil Pond (CreateSpace)


* Dead Possums Are Fair Game by Taryn Souders (Sky Pony Press)


Tinker (RoboTales Book 1) by Jill Williamson and Luke Williamson

Young Adult

    Becky’s an amazing editor! She’s thorough, consistent, and truly cares about the work she’s doing for her clients. I’ve worked with her on multiple projects and my expectations have been exceeded every time. I highly recommend her.
    A. B. Bradley

* The Extraordinary Second Life Of Arthur Aragon books by A. B. Bradley

bound_by_bone_cover Book 1, Bound By Bone (Skull & Crosspens Press)

cover_DrownedInDahlias Book 2, Drowning in Dahlias (Skull & Crosspens Press)

* Critique – Kestrel’s Midnight Song by J. R. Parker (Flaming Pen Press)

* Higgledy-Piggledy House by Cindy McCrimmon (this book has yet to be published)

* Books by Bryan Davis (AMG Publishers)

    I credit Rebecca Miller with helping me become the author I am today. Early in my career she worked with me to shape Raising Dragons, taking no pay, just one aspiring author giving aid to another. I learned a great deal, techniques I have employed in the remainder of the series and beyond. Later, she put on the professional editor’s cap and guided me through four more novels. Without her expertise, these bestselling books would lack polish and professionalism.
    Talented, tough, and true to a desire for excellence, Rebecca is the perfect choice for the author who wants a real edit, not just a cursory glance and a pat on the back. She will make your writing shine.
    Bryan Davis

* Books by Scott Appleton (AMG Publishing)

    Rebecca Miller provided a thorough, honest eye to my YA fantasy novel Swords Of The Six. During the editing process she made timely responses to my emails and did not shy from blunt honesty if she thought something needed improvement. In particular I found her comments on my book’s prelude to be powerful. After considering her editorial comments, I reworked the prelude and ended up with a powerful, grabbing opening. She has been wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her as a professional and efficient fiction editor.
    Scott Appleton

* Chapter critique – Suffer The Children by Jason Joyner

* Books by Christy Award winner Jill Williamson

    Rebecca Miller has a keen eye for characters and plot. Her edit for my young adult novel was extremely helpful. I learned a lot from it. She made many valid points, and I know that my novel benefited greatly from her work. If you are looking for a professional editor who understands story, characters, and a variety of genres, look no further. Rebecca’s work is well worth the investment.
    Jill Williamson

The New Recruit (The Mission League, Book 1) – early versionCover-New-Recruit

Chokepoint cover

Chokepoint (The Mission League: Mini Mission 1.5)

*Partial novel critique for Cheryl Rhodes

* Short fiction critique for Sarah Witenhafer

* Chapter critique for Kathi Mohlke

* Cedar Lake, Book 1 of the Seasons Of Cedar Lake series by Michele Nordquist (this book has yet to be published)

    Rebecca Miller has done an outstanding job in editing my work. Her edits were professional and firm, yet handled with personal touches that showed she cared for my work. Because of her eye for detail and knowledge of the craft, I now have two editors interested in my manuscript. It has been my pleasure to work with her, and I hope to do so again.
    Michele Nordquist

* “Heartless,” short fiction by Pauline CreedenStorm Song

* Storm Song (Perilous Safety Series, Book 2) by Rich Bullock


    * The Five Laws Of Liberty by Scott Hyland (AMG Publishing)

* Thoughts Of A Modern-day Sojourner by J. W. Christopher (AuthorHouse)

* Help! I Can’t Read! by Carol Fitzpatrick (self-published)

Life with God Binder Picture

* Life with God—curriculum for the Evangelical Center for Spiritual Wisdom

do-you-love-me-cover* Do You Love Me? by Debbie Swindoll